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Who's supposed to do the Great Commission? Christians or the government?

Who’s supposed to do the Great Commission? Christians or the government?

Every Christian should know what the Great Commission is.  And pretty much everyone in the U.S. probably at least heard of separation of church and state.  So when someone receives an award for “Selfless and Steadfast Service in the Lord’s Vineyard” I expect them to understand the relationship between the Great Commission and the idea of separation of church and state.

Instead, we read a headline like the one of

Barr says ‘notion’ of separation of church and state misunderstood because of ‘militant secularists’.

Why can't America deal with the Coronavirus?

Why can’t America deal with the Coronavirus?

Why can’t America deal with the Coronavirus?  Maybe for the same reason we can’t seem to deal with much of anything these days?  We’re so split on just about every issue.  If you ask people what color is the sky, I bet we couldn’t even agree on that!

But maybe it’s not what you think.  I don’t believe it’s really political, although that seems to be a big factor.  I don’t think it’s race either, even though that also appears to be another big factor.  The question is, are those really the problem?  Or are they symptoms of the real problem?

Is Covid 19 a modern-day Exile?

Is Covid-19 a modern-day Exile?

Is Covid-19 a modern-day exile scenario?

We look at the virus as a bad thing, maybe from God.  However, those who have read the Bible know that sometimes God allows bad things in order to bring about better things.  Or to wake up His people.

So, what if this is God’s way of showing us that we need to wake up?  We’re supposed to be living in this world as if we’re in exile – right here, wherever we are.  In exile from our Heavenly home.  But we’re too busy turning this into a false “heaven on earth” kind of thing.

And we’re falling in love with it.  And by doing that, we’re at risk of losing our real Heavenly home that God created for us.

Error - Does God make mistakes?

Does God make mistakes?

Is God perfect?  Or, phrased another way, does God make mistakes?  What do you think?  You might be surprised what Americans believe.  Disappointed might be more like it though.  The results of a Lifeway research project appear to make the answer fairly reasonable.  That is, until we look at the chart with the details.

This is a country where 70+ percent of people claim to be Christian.  So how is it that significantly less than 70% believe that God is perfect and can’t make a mistake?

Suffering for doing good

Suffering for doing good

If you’ve got that feeling to do good things, even with the potential cost to you, with no ulterior motives, with nothing but unselfish love for someone like your elderly neighbors that you’re shopping for, why not acknowledge that’s God?  Jesus told us He’d try to get our attention.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

Why not open that door and start bringing an end to the suffering for doing good?

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