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Will the beast in Revelation be able to deceive Christians?

Will the beast in Revelation be able to deceive Christians?

There’s no reason to think the actual beast in Revelation exists today. There are prerequisites, events that must take place before the antichrist makes his or her appearance.

So why go through all this if the beast doesn’t exist yet? Well, because it matters. If we can be deceived today, what hope do we have when the events in Revelation start to unfold?

Given that we’re so easily deceived today, it’s critically important that we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. In church-speak, to be able to discern the difference between truth and lies. Not on our own, but with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s look at a few examples of things that deceive Christians, even today
As I said, these examples are important. The things that deceive Christians today are from “ordinary” people. In other words, they aren’t from the antichrist. Not from the beast in Revelation.

Blessed are the pure in heart

Blessed are the pure in heart

Blessed are the pure in heart.  What does that even mean?  In this day and age, do we even know what the word “pure” means?  And what’s meant by the word heart?  We hopefully know it’s not about someone with a healthy heart pumping pure blood without infections, foreign matter, or other impurities.  But what is it?

life buoy to illustrate Which god provides salvation for us?

Which god provides salvation for us?

Which god provides salvation for us?  Different people have different “gods” or deities.  Even those who claim to have no “god” have one – maybe they view themselves as “the deity” of their own world.  From there, we should recognize that outside of people who believe this life is “all there is” – we want something from our deity.  One of those things we want from our “god” is “salvation” – we want that “god” to save us from something.

Why did Jesus speak in parables? Image is of a field, but the parable is about something else.

Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Why did Jesus speak in parables?  There are easy answers to the question, but they are just that: easy.  Too easy.  As in Jesus spoke in parables because the Old Testament said He would.  Or maybe it was to make things easier to understand.  But then, it may have been to make them harder to understand.  But like the parable itself, the real answers are hidden behind the easy ones.

For instance, the image to the right is of a field.  But when Jesus used planting crops in a field in a parable, was He really talking about literal seeds, crops and produce?  Yes, but no.  There was more to it.

Grown-again Christian

Grown-again Christian

Have you ever heard of a Grown-again Christian?  Me neither. But the Apostle Paul did. “But for right now, friends, I’m completely frustrated by your unspiritual dealings with each other and with God. You’re acting like infants in relation to Christ, capable of nothing much more than nursing at the breast.” The Message

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