Whoever Is Not Against Us Is For Us

Revelation – The letter to the compromising church in Pergamum

Revelation – The letter to the compromising church in Pergamum

For the church in Pergamum, being where Satan lives and has his throne means there will be plenty of false teachers and false prophets.  The question remains for this study though – were Jesus’ words a reminder, a warning or a wake-up call?

The same is true for us.  In a way, these words are for all of us.  Remember what Jesus said about Satan and this world.  The entire passage is important for us to remember and to live out.  It’s full of important things for us – the Holy Spirit, living as Jesus taught us, not being afraid, having peace.  And for this topic, especially verses 30 and 31 at the end, regarding the prince of this world – Satan.

Important: is the Bible relevant today?

Is the Bible relevant today?

Is the Bible relevant today?  Of course, I say yes – absolutely.  The Bible is relevant today!  But then there’s the question of why?  Why should anyone believe the Bible is relevant today?

To that end, I’m going to do a series on something written for secular people.  23 Things Successful People Never Do, from bestlifeonline.com.  It’s an interesting approach.  I was surprised how much the general thoughts line up with things Christians should do.  The only real differences were in the actual examples, not in the concepts.  In a way, maybe not all that surprising.

Jesus came to earth to die for us, and one of the results of that is that His followers can have “life to the full”.  Let’s examine that passage.  After that, we can better understand why a Christian might want to look at a secular list of things to not do.

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